Candy Cane Reindeer

It is about that time of the year again!  It’s time for crafts for holiday school parties!  If you want something fun and affordable to make, then candy cane reindeer are the answer!

Most of the candy cane reindeer tutorials are made with just one candy cane.  This fun craft idea makes them with two!  Because they are larger, they are perfect to decorate your tree or even add to a package for a special touch.

You can use traditional red and white candy canes to make yours.  Or, you can try some of the fun colors for a unique touch.  Just imagine the rainbow of colored reindeer you can have adorning your tree.  Simply follow the simple candy cane reindeer instructions below to make these this year.

Other fun holiday craft ideas:


Brown felt
Candy canes
Googly eyes
Red sparkly pom-poms
Hot glue gun


Cut brown felt into strips around 2″ high and about 3″ long (make sure it is long enough to wrap around two candy canes).  Then, glue two candy canes together, back to back.  These are the antlers for your reindeer.

Next, wrap the felt around the candy canes, just under the curved part of the candy cane, and hot glue it to itself, making it fit snugly around the candy canes.  The final step is to apply the eyes and red pom-pom nose.

You’ve just created a reindeer!  Kids love this simple candy cane reindeer craft that you can do on a Saturday or even at your child’s school party.   It is an affordable idea that is perfect for kids of all ages.

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