50 Science Games

50 Science Games

Science games and activities provide exciting ways to learn about how the world works. And if you’re wondering how to make learning science fun, the answer is through games, of course!

Science is all about observation and experimentation. Add in a game element and your kid is sure to have fun while learning about science! Check out this list 50 science games in the areas of natural science, social science, and computer science.

Have you ever wondered how to teach science to preschoolers and bigger kids? Turn science into a game! It takes a scientific principle or question, a goal, and rules.

My son loves mixing playdough colors and matching it to objects in the house, racing objects on homemade ramps, and playing the touch and feel guessing game. I’m saving the chain reaction game for a rainy day because I know it will be a favorite! And the dinosaur measuring game will be perfect when neighborhood kids come over to play later this week. I’m looking forward to when my son is old enough to make a light with a potato or realize how cool it is to walk across cartons of raw eggs. I’m saving the space games to correspond with space week at our local library and the recycling sorting game to correspond with Earth Day.

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