Handmade Christmas Card Ideas

Handmade Christmas Card Ideas

Christmas cards are a permanent part of Christmas for years now. After personally wishing people, this is perhaps the next best way. Christmas cards have their own charm and beauty and are a perfect reminder for people who receive them, that someone thinks they are special. If you are wondering how to make Christmas cards and are looking for ideas, you’ll surely get them here.

Though a lot of Christmas cards are available in stores today, handmade Christmas card ideas are the best as they are personalized and the thought that someone has actually taken these efforts for you does matter. In this article, we shall see some different handmade Christmas card ideas that you can use to make some really wonderful homemade cards this Christmas.

Handmade Christmas Card Ideas

Okay, so let’s see what kind of handmade Christmas card ideas are in store for us. The steps below will explain to you how you can make some really wonderful handmade Christmas cards in no time and in huge numbers. In this article, these handmade Christmas card ideas, will tell you how to make 50 handmade Christmas cards in no time. These ideas are the easiest, simplest and yet the best. Check them out!

Write It!
Take a blank lined page and write down 50 Christmas themes that come to your mind. For example, just a stocking or some holly. A snowy scene with a decorated and lit Christmas tree is also a theme. So, after you have reached 50 such themes, make a list of people you want to give you these Christmas cards too and write a name in front of each theme. Here, we are assuming that you have 50 people to give cards to. Now, you have to write down something else. Search for 50 Christmas card messages, Christmas songs or Christmas poems on the Internet or wherever you can and write them down on a separate sheet.

Examples Of Themes

  • A simple decorated Christmas tree with a stack of gifts.
  • A city covered in snow.
  • A beautiful wreath with red roses.
  • Just a stack of presents under a Christmas tree next to a fireplace.
  • Santa Claus and a few reindeer in snowy mountains.

Collect It!
Now that you are done writing every theme you want to draw on your card, start collecting the materials that you might need for those designs. These are very important as if you don’t have all of them ready at the time of preparing these cards, you might have to waste time finding and fetching them time and again. The papers, ribbons and stickers should be available in as many colors and sizes as possible. Here is a list of some of the most commonly used materials needed for handmade Christmas card ideas.


  • Construction Paper
  • Sugiharagami Paper
  • Laid Paper
  • Scissors, Tape and Gum
  • Satin Ribbons
  • Stickers
  • Crayons
  • Sparkle Powder or Sticks
  • Paints
  • Envelopes

Draw It!
Okay, so now we start with actually making all these cards. Though there are many handmade Christmas card design ideas, decide what you want your card to look like. Cut the papers of your choice in standard sizes or random sizes, whichever you like and fold them into half. Start drawing all the themes one by one on all the cut cards and ticking/checking them on your sheet of themes at the same time. So that you have drawn all the themes, start with the coloring part and color them all with the paints and crayons that you have. If you have to stick any cut outs of trees, holly, mistletoe or any other, do it now.

Say It!
Knowing what to write in a Christmas card is perhaps the second most important part of handmade Christmas card ideas, after the look of the card. Now, we come to the Christmas card sayings part which is the inside of your card. You already have the sheet of messages that you have searched for. One by one, start writing down these Christmas card messages songs or poems in each card. Make sure you write well, using techniques such as calligraphy or the like. If possible, write the messages with paint brushes to make them look unique and not just some usual common messages written by pen. This is perhaps the best part about homemade Christmas card ideas, that you can say what you want inside them.

Decorate It!
In this step, you get the Christmas decorations out. Get all the different types of ribbons, stickers, sparkles, sparkle pens and other festive Christmas ornaments that you could get your hands on. You can use some handmade Christmas crafts and start giving your cards the final touch one by one. The basic outcome of this step is that your cards should look complete. Now, one by one, put them in the envelopes and send them out to people you intend to sent to. On the envelopes, you can write Merry Christmas in different languages, to make the cards look unique already.

So know that you know these free handmade Christmas card ideas and have surely liked them, start making your Christmas cards soon. Though there are many Christmas cards to make, try adding something unique to your cards. Another important tip while making these cards is to see that they don’t look similar if you are giving them off in the same group of people. Take out some time and do justice to every card that you make. The outcome is going to encourage you to do better for sure! I shall take your leave here, so you can start off immediately. Merry Christmas!

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